My works unfold in a variety of media. By merging multiple, often seemingly incompatible worlds into a new territory, I stage scenes in between recognition and alienation; experiential environments in which fiction and reality meet and emerge little by little. Symbols, memory, and theoretical discourses play a key role in my praxis. They appear in my work in the form of architectural models, sculptures, and found objects that merge together with archive and found images, drawings, devices, and other systems. I select these elements for their function as reference, as a poetic and abstract metaphor, or as a vehicle to exploit an a spatial discourse. I reproduce them repeatedly, allowing their meaning to shift and take on new qualities, in order to enhance them in my artistic vocabulary and conceptual system. My practice takes the form of in situ installations, sculptural objects, deconstructed sets, and conceptual configurations that are always linked to an experienced physical and emotional reality.