Installation, Mixed Media
plaster and wooden scale models, stroboscope light

“Room Without a View” is a new work created for the framework of the exhibition “The Right to Breathe?”.  In the “Spectacle of the Scaffold”, Foucault critically mentions that “we punish, but this is a way of saying that we wish to obtain a cure”, to whom this cure refers to though? the sentenced person or is it more of a sadistic self-cure of a justice system that actually aims in dehumanizing and repressing the human body and mind? The punishment nowadays indeed became the most hidden process of the penal system, still not much has changed in the modus operandi of the so-called “correction centers”. In “Room without a view” the visitor can see two scale models juxtaposing each other; a surveillance tower watching over a panoptical structure whose interior is to be observed through six peepholes. The models operate as a reference to architectures of control that aim in constant supervision whereas the stroboscopic effect of the tower along with the clinical bright white interiors refers to torturing methods that have been used for punishment and alienation in many penitentiaries.