Permament Site Specific Installation, Mixed Media
cement cast, iron structure, light-boxes,
oxidized metal pipes and styrofoam sheets in various dimensions


Athanasios Kanakis works from unusual objects, situations, or spaces, which he documents, explores in depth, and then reduces into the form of installations. Interested in artistic expression outside of art, he develops a connection with anecdotal and strongly metaphoric sites. The objects and spaces that he isolates are vanishing points for a ction constructed as a minimalist path. From the anecdote, a space is created through objects studied as perceptible materials. Thus, the experience of place is always related to a certain physical and emotional reality that the spectator may freely interpret. Kanakis takes inspiration from the place to producea fragile, contemplative architectural environment. His deployment is obsessive, exploded, and paradoxically contained. The installation therefore organizes anecdote so that a new and immersive place is discovered. In fact, the symbolic translation performed by the artist reveals a scenic vocabulary that is coherent and constantly developing. Random observations thus serve to monumentalize the site and how it is experienced. Kanakis emphasizes that faults and ruptures in the daily space are doors open to a meaning to be constructed. This intuitive process takes shape in a homogeneous and inspired approach, itself consolidated by ephemeral installations. In effect, the fundamental attachment of the artworks to the site condemns them to dispersion as the period of the residency that gave them life reaches its end.

from MÉMENTO 2015, Est-Nord-Est Résidence d’Artistes

by Dominique Sirois-Rouleau